Full Name
Bernhard Heiden
Job Title
Creative Director & Chief Sales Officer
Interstore AG
Speaker Bio
Bernhard Heiden, the creative head of the design agency Interstore and CSO of shopfitter Schweitzer Project today stands for more than 35 years of experience in the retail sector. He started his retail journey as a visual merchandising expert for a large department store chain in Switzerland. Since 1999 he’s realising inspiring and innovative projects for Interstore | Schweitzer using his expertise and his passion for working in different areas of food and fashion. Bernhard Heiden once said: “Often the solution is right in front of you. Just keep your eyes open.” This is exactly what he’s doing while travelling around the world to meet customers from Europe to North America, from Middle East to Asia. He has a seventh sense for future developments and new trends, but what’s even more important: he knows exactly how to translate these new trends into store design.
Bernhard Heiden